Both of the animals were taken to a local animal shelter for check-ups after the rescue

By Kelli Bender
July 10, 2017 11:12 AM

Two dogs were saved from a stifling situation over the weekend thanks to a quick-thinking Good Samaritan and Seattle police officers.

On Sunday, a passerby at Seattle’s Pier 55 noticed a pair of distressed dogs locked in a parked car with no air conditioning. The concerned citizen called the Seattle Police Department to report the SUV and its suffering occupants, reports King

Police officers and enforcement officers from the Seattle Animal Shelter arrived on the scene shortly after the call to assess the situation. After determining it was close to 100 degrees inside the car, a police officer smashed one of the vehicle’s rear windows to retrieve the dogs. The entire rescue was caught on camera by local news and a crowd of worried onlookers.

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Both of the canines were taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter for check-ups. A note was left behind on the SUV’s windshield notifying the owner about what happened and where the dogs were.

Under Washington State law the owner of the dogs, who has not been identified, could face civil fines for leaving the animals unattended in a parked vehicle.