June 19, 2013 08:45 PM

Sure, your dog knows how to fetch on command – but, ahem, this snake can open doors.

That’s right: No hands, no problem (well, we’ll let you decide on the latter).

Vimeo user Jenner, who lived with a 16-ft. albino Burmese python, posted a now-viral video of her wriggly roommate reaching for the knob and pushing past the door with an unsettling thud. (Watch below, if you dare.)

“Bored of being in a dark room, she flips on the light, opens the door and bails,” the description of the clip, uploaded three years ago, reads. “This particular episode takes place at 1 a.m. This is why we keep doors locked with her around. We don’t need her harassing the neighbors.”

A voice in the video’s background says, “Good job,” implying this snake might have been trained to sneak up on you.

Although the reptile died in 2012 following an infection, according to other videos from Jenner, the viral viper’s legacy lives on, sending shrills and shivers across the Internet. We apologize if you’re having any difficulty facing closed doors.


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