The fish in the clip is likely freshly kill, leaving its muscles still responsive to stimuli

This is a fresh fish!

According to Metro, what is being called a “zombie fish” shocked customers at a Chinese restaurant by jumping off the plate it was being served on.

The surprise flop, which sent the fish from the dish onto the table, was captured on camera and posted on video sharing site YouKu.

While watching this might make some lose their appetite, this cooked but moving fish is most likely just extremely fresh.

Discovery News broke down what could be happening in this video, when another startling seafood clip started to spread online.

According to Discovery News, most of the tissue in a recently killed fish or squid is still alive, even though brain activity has stopped. This means the tissue will still respond to stimuli, such as hot cooking liquids, or in the case of this video, soy sauce.

Muscle movement depends on the chemical Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which can be found in the body of a dead organism before rigor mortis sets in. While the flopping fish may have some worried that the creature is in pain, Discovery reports this is unlikely since brain activity has ceased.