Constance Marie Dishes on Life with Two Pups – And Baby!

The actress shares stories about her spunky Goldendoodles.

Constance Marie recently welcomed a baby girl, Luna Marie, and while she and fiancé Kent Katich are over the moon about their new arrival, little Luna had to get the approval of two discerning members of the family before she felt welcomed at home: the couple’s goldendoodles, Stella, 4, and Betty, 3. They were “in awe” of baby Luna when she first arrived home, the George Lopez Show actress tells PEOPLE Pets. “They had to give her the sniff test,” she says. “I’m pretty sure she got their seal of approval, though, because Betty keeps trying to lick her during tummy time! Now they love Luna.”

The loveable pups – who are mostly hypo-allergenic and don’t shed – have kept Marie and Katich quite occupied over the past several years. “Stella is a gamer,” says Marie. “She loves to play, run and dig. We equate her to a big, beautiful beach volleyball player. She’s easygoing, very laid-back and sporty.” Betty, on the other hand, is “type-A all the way! She’s a little neurotic, always has to be in the front, misses nothing and even bosses Stella around,” Marie says. “She’s a total lap dog! But she can catch a Frisbee like a hunting dog.”

Luckily for the couple, Stella and Betty are a fairly self-sufficient duo. They use little bells attached to the family’s back door to signal when they need to go out (no doggy doors in this house!), and even help each other out during playtime. “Betty loses patience with Stella when she loses her ball,” Marie says. “So she’ll quickly help Stella go find it, give it to her and then resume play.” Now, if the pooches could only involve Luna in playtime, too! Laughs Marie, “They just don’t understand why she can’t toss her dirty stinky [diapers] to them!”

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