August 14, 2009 07:08 PM

Ken could at least call if he’s going to be late!…. –submitted by Marissa Benni-Weis (mbenni)

Thanks for all of your witty caption contest entries – they all made us laugh! But this funny submission from Marissa Benni-Weis of Lisle, Ill., really made us chuckle (and snort!). So there you have it: Marissa, you rock!

And, a big shout-out goes to Lisa Davis (2cats1dog) of Harrisburg, Pa., for capturing this hilarious image of Pepper the cat posing in this dollhouse.

Do you have a fabulously silly photo just begging to be captioned? Share it in your profile and it could be featured in our weekly contest. Check back tomorrow morning for our next photo. Hint: The photo comes from Marissa Benni-Weis’s profile!

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