Moooooooom! He's looking at me again!! –submitted by Leslie Burnett (RockyRockStar)

Moooooooom! He’s looking at me again!! submitted by Leslie Burnett (RockyRockStar)

We received a ton of funny captions for this hilarious photo that showed the fiery first meeting of Lakota the dog and Lucy the cat under the table. But only one of them made us laugh out loud, and that was Leslie Burnett’s (RockyRockStar) witty submission!

A big shout-out goes to Stacey Fisher (stacey) of Everett, Wash., who captured this tense introduction and uploaded it to her profile. Do you have a fabulously wacky photo just begging to be captioned? Share it in your profile and it could be featured in our weekly contest. Check back tomorrow morning for our next photo!

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