February 12, 2009 12:45 PM

What is it about the cone that brings out the cute? Even the most homely animal can instantly gain my love if it’s trotting along fresh from the vet with a pathetic cone around its neck. Etsy seller pinkbabymouse obviously agrees – so much so, she’s commemorated the cone in a series of hand-stitched pillows. “I was inspired by this little Doxie I saw one day wearing a cone around her neck,” says the Brooklyn artist behind pinkbabymouse, Julia Duncan-Roitman. “The bottom of the cone kept scraping the sidewalk as she plugged along, but she was still so energetic and excited to be outside on a walk. It was so silly and sad yet moving and inspirational, I knew the image would make people smile!” It doesn’t hurt that Duncan-Roitman’s streamlined designs perfectly tread the line between cute and stylish. She makes the pillows to order and plans to add even more doggie-in-cone designs to her shop soon. Get a cone dog pillow of your own for $35.

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