Compassionate Realtor Covering Adoption Fees at Crowded Shelter for the Rest of the Year

The world needs more Kim Pacini Hauchs

The world needs more Kim Pacini Hauchs.

The ReMax Gold realtor from Sacramento, California, is paying all the adoption fees for animals at the Front Street Animal Shelter for the rest of the year.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Pacini Hauch is sponsoring the “Home for the Pawlidays” event to help the crowded shelter find forever homes for many of its animals. Thanks to the real estate agent, potential pet parents looking for a furry friend won’t have to pay $85 to adopt a dog or $65 to adopt a cat.

The shelter is understandably overwhelmed by Pacini Hauch’s “tremendous act of kindness” and hopes it will have found loving homes for current tenants by Dec. 31 and, thus, make room for more homeless pets in need thereafter.

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Pacini Hauch is personally connected to Front Street Animal Shelter. The realtor adopted her beloved dog Teddy from the city shelter in 1984. While Teddy has passed on, the priceless impression he made on his owner’s life remains. Thankful to the shelter for introducing her to this wonderful dog, Pacini Hauch is happy to give back to them.

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