Community Bands Together to Save Broken-Down Van Carrying 50 Hurricane Florence Rescue Pets

One of the 55 Good Samaritans who answered Lucky Dog Animal Rescue's call for help also paid the rescue's van repair bill

Photo: Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (2)

More than 50 shelter animals caught in Hurricane Florence‘s path were saved twice.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue of Arlington, Virginia, sprang into action when they learned one of its shelter partners in South Carolina needed to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Florence.

The rescue lined up fosters for all the South Carolina pets and drove a large van down to the shelter to pick up the adoptable animals. Lucky Dog loaded up more than 50 animals, clearing out the South Carolina shelter, and set off again for the Washington, D.C., area, a six-hour drive away.

South Carolina7
Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

According to the rescue, about 90 minutes into this transport the van’s alternator failed, leaving the vehicle brimming with pets stranded on the road. Luckily, the volunteer operating the van was able to get the vehicle to a gas station before it broke down.

Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Unable to return to their starting location because of the impending storm, the transport had to find a way to get these cats and dogs to safety. This meant, until a solution was found, that the van’s animal occupants were stuck in the hot southern sun without air conditioning or supplies.

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Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Concerned about the Hurricane Florence rescues, Lucky Dog put a call to action on social media, asking locals in the area near the gas station to stop by with pet supplies, water and air-conditioned cars for the pets to rest in.

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Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

The people responded, en masse. Fifty-five Good Samaritans answered the call and came to the gas station to offer their air-conditioned cars as cool-down centers for the pets. Many also brought supplies, and some Army volunteers came with water for the animals.

South Carolina3
Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

The ad-hoc volunteers were also there to help Lucky Dog load up when a replacement van arrived. Looney’s K9 Rescue Transport heard about the rescue’s predicament and sent out a van for the rescue to borrow.

All of the animals were loaded up in the new van and driven to their destination, where they were met by eager foster families.

Courtesy Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

The cherry on top of the do-good sundae is that one of the many Good Samaritans who responded to Lucky Dog’s call for help, decided to pay the rescue’s van repair costs, so the rescue could save funds to help more pets.

To join these 55 Good Samaritans in helping Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s hurricane response efforts, visit the non-profit’s website. The rescue is also raising funds to buy a new van.

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