Inspired by locals, Mars Petcare and Whistle helped equip three K-9 units with GPS Trackers

By Kelli Bender
September 01, 2016 10:11 AM
Courtesy of Greenwood Police Department

A scary situation is turning into a new start for the Greenwood Police Department in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Recently, the force’s K-9 officer Kina was shot in the line of duty and took shelter to protect herself, as K-9 officers are trained to do. It took search crews two days to find the injured dog in her hiding spot. Thankfully, Kina is now in veterinary care and responding to treatment.

To ensure no K-9 officer goes missing again, Mars Petcare and Whistle are teaming up to donate Whistle GPS trackers to all the K-9 officers in the Greenwood Police Department, as well as the nearby Fort Smith Police Department and Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department.

“Pets are an important part of our families, and when we look at the K-9 officers who serve our community, they have a special place in our hearts as well,” Russell Hayes, Mars Petcare Arkansas Site Director said. “As a long-standing member of the Fort Smith community, we knew immediately that we wanted to contribute once we heard about the community’s mission to support Kina and our other K-9 officers.”

Mars Petcare and Whistle were inspired to make their donation after learning how the Fort Smith community rallied together to help Kina and her canine companions. After hearing about Kina’s wait for rescue, locals started raising money to cover the cost of providing GPS trackers for all the dogs that help keep them safe. The companies were so moved by the efforts of the community, they agreed to provided all of the GPS trackers free of charge and included a free year’s subscription fee to the service used for the sets. Now, the funds raised by residents can go to pay for future fees and to helping the local K-9s in other ways.

“We know that K-9 officers are trained to flee a situation when necessary. Because of this inspiring effort from the Fort Smith community, the K-9 officers’ teams will be able to quickly find and track any K-9’s location when they need it most,” said Ben Jacobs, Co-founder and CEO of Whistle.

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