January 14, 2019 02:10 PM

Colorado’s South Metro Fire Rescue said it best: “Bri is one lucky pup.”

According to CBS 4, the curious pup accidentally fell through the thin ice of a pond in Lone Tree, Colorado, on Saturday. Someone made a 911 call after the pooch plunged in and was unable to get out of the frigid water. Dispatchers contacted South Metro Fire Rescue, the department reported on Facebook, and rescuers form Firehouse 34 were sent to the scene.

All of South Metro Fire Rescue’s fire engines are equipped for ice rescues, so firefighters were prepared when they arrived at the pond. One of the rescuers put on a bright yellow dry suit — designed to protect humans during these chilly feats — and crawled out to the spot where Bri was stuck, while the rest of the team kept a tight hold on the rescuer’s safety line.

In just over 10 seconds the crew had Bri out of the water and back on shore.

South Metro Fire Rescue is always prepared to make these saves, but the average human is not. If your pet gets caught in icy water, it is best for everyone’s safety to call professional rescuers for help. To prevent these accidents from happening, South Metro Fire Rescue recommends keeping your dog on leash at all times when outside, especially if you are close to bodies of water.

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