"Literally everything has hair on it in the house," his owners say

By Alison Schwartz
Updated August 28, 2013 11:00 PM

Fur’s flying for Internet sensation Colonel Meow – and we’re not just referring to the Grumpy Cat-like expression on his face.

The Himalayan-Persian mix with fur measuring 9 inches broke the record for the cat with the longest fur, reports the Guinness World Records.

That’s a whole lot of vacuuming.

“Literally everything has hair on it in the house,” say Los Angeles-based owners Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario in a joint statement. They add that they “proudly display to others that you are a proud cat owner by the copious amount of hair on our clothes.”

It’s been a year since the 2½-year-old rescue kitty became a fixture around the web when his owners created his Facebook page in August.

But Colonel Meow – who will be featured in the upcoming Guinness World Records book arriving in stores Sept. 12 – spends his days much like a non-Internet-famous feline. (Eat, sleep, meow, repeat, according to his owners.)

The 10-lb. cat “makes a great hand warmer,” they add, and he’s “really fun to watch when he sits in front of a fan.”

Achieving those wind-blown locks requires rigorous grooming. “We brush him two to three times per week,” his owners say. “His fur is so epic – it takes two of us to properly brush him.” No fancy products, no problem: “If he gets dirty,” they add, “we use water and brushes to clean him up.”

And he’s more than happy to strut his fluff.

“Colonel isn’t afraid of other animals or people,” his owners say. “He greets everyone at the door and will walk right up to anything on the street when we walk him on his leash.”