The singer-songwriter and her sis adopt a dog together

By Kate Hogan
February 23, 2010 12:45 PM

A self-proclaimed “dog person,” Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat longed for a pup of her own. Growing up with several dogs and cats, she knew she could handle the responsibility – but her busy tour schedule was always in the way. So in November, when she finally found some time to unwind in the Thousand Oaks, Calif., home she shares with her sister and brother-in-law, she decided the time was right.

Caillat went to the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, and it was there she fell in love – with an unlikely candidate. “When we met this dog, she was severely malnourished,” Caillat explains to “She’d been found tied to a rope on the streets of Taiwan, and she’d just had puppies. No one knew what happened to her or her owners.” Brought to L.A. by the shelter’s rescue team two weeks before Caillat’s visit, the pup, named Plum, was on the road to recovery, but still had miles to go.

Luckily for Plum, she’d found the right family. Caillat and her family nursed the pooch back to health, feeding her natural dog food with brown rice and fresh-cooked chicken to help her pack on the 30 lbs. she needed to gain. “She looks like a different dog,” the singer says.

Now, Caillat and her sister take turns sleeping with Plum at night, give her baths in the shower, and take her on daily hikes. “It started as a way to build her muscle, but our area is so pretty, and we enjoy hikes anyway, so it’s become our daily routine,” she says.

And thankfully, Plum (who was named by shelter staffers) hasn’t shown any ill effects from her traumatic treatment in Taiwan. “It’s the craziest thing,” Caillat says. “But she loves people, she loves other dogs, she’s not aggressive over food and she never runs away. She must’ve had a good home before everything happened to her – she really knows her manners!”

The singer hopes to adopt more pups in the future – if it’s okay with her housemates. “I’m on tour so much, so it’s not totally fair, but hopefully someday,” she says. And she’ll be sure that her next pets come from a shelter, too. “You don’t have to go straight to a pet store,” Caillat shares. “It doesn’t hurt to go to a shelter first and see if you find love with one of their dogs – just like I did.”

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