November 30, 2009 12:45 PM

When the bell at Karim Mansour’s BP gas station drive-through window dings, Cody the chocolate Labrador knows exactly what to do. Wearing his medium-size BP shirt, 5-year-old Cody jumps up with a big smile, puts his paws on the window sill and greets customers, many of whom are familiar with the dog’s regular presence.

“What’s up, Cody!” a patron called out from his car one recent afternoon.

“Hey, man, how’s it going? Cody was in the paper today!” Mansour said. “Check this out real quick. I sold out of all the papers.”

“That’s so cool, man,” the patron said. “He’s such a good dog.”

Cody lives with Mansour, 33, and his girlfriend Jessica Martin in Clearwater, Fla. The couple adopted him from a divorced acquaintance who had trouble controlling Cody, who was then just a puppy. After three months with Mansour and Martin, Cody was sitting, speaking, shaking hands and listening like a well-trained dog.

Cody loves going for rides with Mansour in the car, and used to wait by the door every time Mansour left to go to work. But Mansour, who had recently taken over ownership of the station had reservations about bringing the dog to work – professionalism being one of them – until five months ago, when Cody joined him on a whim.

The Lab likes to hang out at the counter behind Mansour, and enjoys the occasional Slim Jim as a treat. His favorite moments are when he hears his favorite ’70s-era songs come on the radio. Yes, Cody loves disco by Elton John and “Live and Let Die” by the Beatles.

“He starts howling and trying to mouth the words to the music,” Mansour tells “He recognizes the same songs every single time. Only certain songs from the ’70s. It’s unreal.”

Slim Jim treats and singing aside, Cody has to abide by the station’s rules just like all the other employees, so he wears his BP shirt every weekday when he’s at the station.

“Sometimes I leave him at home,” Mansours says. “But when I do, he gets upset.”

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