Clear the Air with Mints for Pets!

"Ferociously Flavorful" treats combat bad breath.

It’s a fact that pets aren’t exactly known for their sweet-smelling breath. And while they may not be able to brush, floss or rinse like the rest of us, there is something we can do to help: Give them pet-specific breath mints! Bamboo recently launched DogToids and CatToids, flavorful bite-sized treats designed to freshen your pet’s breath. The “mints” are made from human-grade ingredients – beef, liver, fish and parsley for dogs and salmon, liver, taurine and parsley for cats – and come in fun shapes, like bones and mini-fish. Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month, there’s no better time to keep tabs on your pet’s oral health. The DogToids and CatToids retail in stores and online for $4.99 per tin.

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