Cincinnati Zoo's Nanny Dog Honored by City for Being a Good Boy

Oct. 19 is now known as Blakely Day in Cincinnati in honor of the Australian shepherd's amazing work

dog gets honor from city
Photo: Source: City Of Cincinnati Government/Facebook

Blakely has one of the best babysitting jobs in the business.

The Australian shepherd works at the nursery of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden as a companion animal. This means Blakely spends most of his day at work snuggling and cuddling orphaned baby animals.

According to, one of the dog’s most recent gigs was acting as a surrogate mom to five cheetah cubs who lost their own mother in March. He has helped the baby big cats grow up strong and loved, and he is now working on teaching the cubs the difference between fighting and playing.

This quintet is just a pawful of the needy wild animals that Blakely had dedicated his time to. Thanks to him and his nurturing nature, there are warthogs, skunks, foxes and more animals at the zoo who have a chance at a full life.

It’s this continued commitment and lack of selfishness that earned the dog recognition from City Hall. On Wednesday, City Councilman Chris Seelbach proclaimed Oct. 19 to be Blakely Day and invited the pup of honor down to City Hall for a tour and to receive a special proclamation of his importance to the community.

You’re a hero Blakely, and we will certainly be celebrating your holiday next year.

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