October 20, 2017 01:43 PM

Lulu has taken her leave of the CIA’s Explosive Detection K9 Training Program (gaining countless fans in the process) and now Heron, a.k.a. Harry, has taken her place.

The CIA shared the “pupdate” on its blog, introducing the “high energy fella” from Susquehanna Service Dogs. Since Harry, the youngest in his class, is joining the program a few weeks in, he has some catching up to do, but the CIA isn’t too worried about the Labrador acing his cram session.


“He’s a goofy, high energy fella who loves to jump and play. At just over a year old, he’s the youngest pup in the class, but has an incredible drive to learn and is super smart,” CIA staff writes in a post on handsome Harry, who is also the one male in his training class. “Harry’s got a lot of work to do to catch up to the ladies, but our training staff is ready to put in the extra time and attention it will require.”


Unlike his predecessor Lulu, Harry is eager to sniff where he is told and seek out target spots set by his trainers. A loyal, attentive, fit and courageous canine, he is the ideal government employee — and the CIA seems confident that the program is a good fit for this fido.

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