The journalist visited Stephen Colbert and brought something for Christiane Aman-purr

Democratic uprisings and animal psychics are all the rage these days, and Stephen Colbert, always one to have a finger on the zeitgeist, brought the two together when he introduced his newest correspondent earlier this month: a prognosticating cat named Christiane Aman-purr.

The feline member of Colbert Nation was named in honor of Christiane Amanpour, the broadcast journalist and host of ABC’s “This Week.” After a few dramatic weeks spent covering the recent protests in Egypt, Amanpour returned to the U.S. and was a guest on The Colbert Report last night.

“My previous guest on this subject was my psychic cat correspondent, Christiane Aman-purr,” Colbert told Amanpour –but she was already hip to the kitty.

“Word reached me in Egypt that Aman-purr was on the program,” Amanpour said, “so I brought you a little Aman-purr safari suit with a little ABC News pin on it.”

The cat-sized khaki outfit looked fit for some hardcore investigative journalism out in the field, but to Colbert, the gift was just cute. “That is unbelievably adorable. Wow,” he said. “Do you think there’s any chance I could fit into this? I could still play feline.”