The mother of two said she plans on letting Miles name the reptile, "so I'm guessing his name will be 'Cars' "

By Ashley Boucher
May 13, 2020 10:59 PM
Chrissy Teigen, Luna Simone
| Credit: Chrissy Teigen/instagram. Inset: Getty Imges

Call Chrissy Teigen the Mother of Dragons!

The Chrissy's Court host, 34, revealed on Wednesday that her family's most recent pet addition is a very special reptile.

"yes I am now a proud bearded dragon owner!" Teigen wrote on Twitter, sharing that she got the little dragon for her son Miles Theodore's upcoming birthday. The tot turns 2 on Saturday.

"he is very little right now," the Bring the Funny host said of the still unnamed reptile. "I got him for Miles' birthday but I know we will share a lifetime of happiness and cuddles (well his lifetime) (maybe mine at this stress rate)."

In another tweet, Teigen said that she will let Miles name the little lizard.

"so I'm guessing his name will be 'cars,' " she joked.

Later on Wednesday, Teigen shared a photo of the little bearded dragon sitting on daughter Luna Simone's chest.

"welcome to the family, bearded dragon without a name!" she wrote alongside the photo on Twitter. "we are gonna take good good care of you with many cuddles and lots of love."

It seems as though Teigen has been pondering adding a bearded dragon to her family's growing list of pets for some time. On Tuesday, she asked her Twitter followers to share their experiences with the animals, which usually live between 8 and 12 years.

Fans answered in droves by sharing cute photos of their own bearded dragons.

"Soooo cute!!!" Teigen wrote in the Twitter thread, later sharing an update that she had just gotten her own.

Earlier this year, Teigen and family adopted a poodle puppy.

"This is petey! another little heart in this house to love," the cookbook author wrote on Twitter in January alongside a video of the pooch.

Teigen and and husband John Legend are already pet parents to French bulldogs Penny and Pippa and bulldog Pepper. Their English bulldog Puddy died in 2018.

The family also has a hamster named Peanut Butter, which Teigen and Luna got in March of last year.