The actor shared the news in a "brag" on Instagram

Turns out Chris Pratt‘s sheep aren’t just his preferred snacks.

On Instagram on Tuesday, the newly engaged actor revealed one of his ewes won a prize for her wool at the Washington State University Country Living Expo in Stanwood, Washington.

“I hate when celebrities brag on here…” the 39-year-old started his post, “but I have to. Our ewe (female sheep) named “Cacao” just took home a blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza!!!! Boom chic-Cacao cao!”

Last year, Pratt opened up about his hobby, explaining he started farming lamb (and fishing) near his Washington home in 2017.

“That’s right, fresh farm to table lamb,” he said on Instagram. “They are the happiest lambs on the planet,” he added, before going into detail about his butcher’s process — and apologizing to vegetarians who might find the post insensitive. (He does grow fruits and vegetables, too.) Pratt/Instagram
Credit: Chris Pratt/Instagram

In the 2018 post, he also shared that son Jack, 6, loves “#farmlife.” The actor was even considering opening up his own meat shop, too.

Pratt shares #farmlife photos and videos regularly, showing off his chickens and their eggs, little lambs and even a Texas longhorn he brought up north.

“I look at these sheep and I see myself. I see us,” he wrote in April. “I see animals with spirits mirroring their master. They are calm because they’ve put their trust in a loving shepard. They frolic in the sunshine. They marvel in the grass. They snuggle their lambs. As the world currently #marvels in the yarn spun from our wool, and dines on the chops of our labor, like these sheep I feel no anxiety. One day my wool will no longer be spun to gold. As we are all headed to the same quiet home. Today I frolic. For my shepard has found me, and He is so good.”

Though several commenters asked Pratt if he was interested in selling his wool to them on Tuesday, the actor didn’t seem to be accepting offers — yet.