The actor's tweet about missing his pup while away filming set off mass online hysteria when confused fans thought he meant the dog had died
Credit: Chris Evans

As PEOPLE reported back in April, actor Chris Evans adopted an adorable pup named Dodger, whom he met on the set of his film Gifted.

The charitable act gave fans who were already swooning over Captain America yet another reason to love Evans. So, you can just imagine the kerfuffle when he tweeted an image of himself on July 8 cuddling his dog with the cryptic message, “Really missing this guy.”

The reaction — and replies — were immediate and intense, with many fans worrying the pup had passed away.

Even Evans’ famous pal Seth Rogen was worried.

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Luckily, the actor swiftly hopped back on Twitter to clarify Dodger’s safe state of being.

Phew! “Missing” does not mean “mourning.” Understood, but please don’t ever do that to us — or Dodger — again.