Chris Colfer's 22-Lb. Cat Thinks He's 'Very, Very Small'

The Glee star says shelter cat Brian has some body image confusion

Chris Colfer is dealing with an identity crisis at home.

During an appearance Monday on Live! with Kelly, the Glee star talked about his recently adopted, 22-lb. senior cat, Brian.

“He’s a lot of cat,” Colfer said of his 8-year-old brown tabby. “He’s a little bit in denial about his size and thinks he’s very, very small. I go home and find him stuffed in all kinds of things.”

“Are you putting him on a diet of some kind?” asked guest host Jimmy Kimmel.

“I did, but then he kept breaking into the food,” Colfer said. “He would literally pick the lock around the safe where his treats are in.”

Colfer, who also lives with five fish, doesn’t seem to hold Brian’s heft against him. “He does not fit in my lap,” Colfer said, but “he sure tries.”

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