January 12, 2017 12:10 PM

No animal deserves this, and no selfie is worth this kind of disrespect.

According to Mashable, a Chinese circus was caught on tape tying down one of its tigers so guests could sit on the animal and take selfies with it.

In the clip, the tiger, with his head down, is secured to a metal table. The footage goes on to show visitors putting their children on the restrained animal and smiling for photos while the tiger sits unmoving and uninterested.

It is believed this video was filmed at a circus in the Hunan province. No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the video, which was first posted on the video platform iQiyi.

While everyone in the video appears happy to interact with the tied-down tiger, online, the clip has been met with outrage and concern for the animal’s well-being.

This distraught-looking tiger joins the sorry ranks of other animals kept in unnatural conditions, like the polar bear who lives in a China mall, for the enjoyment of humans.

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