Rescue Group Working to Save Dozens of Golden Retrievers and Corgis from Slaughter in China

China Rescue Dogs is moving dozens of canines from a breeding farm north of Harbin, China, to a sanctuary to save the pets from being sent to the slaughterhouse

China rescue dogs
Photo: China rescue dogs

China Rescue Dogs is rushing to save a large group of canines from the slaughterhouse.

According to a release from the nonprofit, 46 adult golden retrievers, 22 corgis, and numerous golden retriever puppies are waiting in Shanghai, China, for a fresh start. The Shanghai Animal Rescue reached out to China Rescue Dogs for help after finding the canines at a breeding farm, which planned to sell the dogs to slaughterhouses and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, per China Rescue Dogs.

"The living conditions at this dog breed farm are just awful," Jill Stewart, the president and founder of China Rescue Dogs, said. "It is heartbreaking that this breeder was going to just discard their entire inventory of dogs to be slaughtered. We had to do something. Doing nothing was not an option."

China Rescue Dogs started rescue efforts immediately after learning about the needy animals and has saved 29 golden retrievers and their puppies from the breeding farm. The dogs are resting and receiving vet care at a sanctuary where there is no risk of getting sent to the slaughterhouse.

The nonprofit is now focused on moving the farm's remaining dogs to safety. Once all of the golden retrievers and corgis are out of harm's way, China Rescue Dogs will start finding homes for the pets in North America.

China rescue dogs
China rescue dogs

The rescue of the dogs at the breeding farm is more complicated than previous similar missions due to the COVID lockdown restrictions in Shanghai and the year-long ban the U.S. placed on the importation of dogs from over 100 countries in July 2021.

China Rescue Dogs told PEOPLE that WeatherTech and the company's founder and CEO, David MacNeil, have played a pivotal part in helping these dogs find safety.

Those interested in learning more about China Rescue Dogs' Shanghai rescue effort can stay updated on the nonprofit's Facebook page and website.

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