Don’t let looks fool you: These small dogs are chasing kids and making a mess in Maryvale, Ariz.

By Alison Schwartz
Updated February 19, 2014 03:00 PM

If you thought a stampede of cuddly, perfectly fluffy rabbits was intimidating, stay away from Maryvale, Ariz.

That’s right: In today’s edition of You Can’t Make This Up, there are packs of chihuahuas roaming the Phoenix neighborhood, ruling the streets, wreaking havoc and causing chaos … a.k.a. racing after children and going to the bathroom everywhere.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control tells FOX 10 Phoenix that the agency has fielded thousands of calls reporting the unleashed offenders.

“Yeah a lot of them – they are out here chasing kids or going yard to yard,” says local resident Ray Rios. “Anywhere in groups of eight to 12 just running around.”

And watch out: The chihuahuas are thought to be recruiting bigger dogs into their gangs because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Looks are deceiving, of course: Aside from sanitary reasons, these furry rascals, hellbent on living a life Beethoven could only dream about, may bite passersby, says Animal Care and Control spokesperson Melissa Gable. Locals should spay or neuter their pets and keep them on leashes. If spotted, residents should try to contain the dogs in their yards and contact the agency, which will then spay and neuter them.

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