Marble the dog went missing during a fire at a Michigan apartment complex, but was found safe two weeks later at the site of the blaze

With Marble back in his arms, Dino Rasera has everything he needs.

According to WDIV, the man lost all his material possessions in a fire that blazed through the River North Village Apartments in Mount Clemens, Michigan, on Feb. 13. Even with all of his belongings destroyed, Rasera only had one issue on his mind: his missing dog.

During the fire, Rasera's year-old Chihuahua puppy Marble disappeared in the commotion.

"As soon as I got out, I started screaming her name," Rasera told the outlet about surviving the fire. "As soon as I got out of that fire, I was screaming her name. That's all I thought about."

For the two weeks following the fire, even after losing everything, Rasera spent most of his time searching for Marble and kept his hopes high that she would be found alive.

On Saturday, that belief turned into reality when a sharp-eyed driver spotted Marble peeking through the River North Village Apartments' charred remains and recognized her as Rasera's missing pet.

The good Samaritan contacted Rasera, who rushed to his former home after the call to help the authorities rescue Marble from the ruined apartment complex. Officials believe the dog was stuck inside the destroyed building for two weeks, and her rescuers — including Rasera — are amazed the little pooch managed to survive Michigan's frigid temperatures for that long.

dog survives fire
Credit: WDIV

"As long as I have her and my family, that's all that matters," Rasera said about how he feels back with Marble. "She is irreplaceable."

Rasera added that his family has gotten even bigger, thanks to all the community members who stepped up and helped him reunite with Marble.

"I'd like to thank everybody. They were complete strangers; now they're family," Rasera said of all those who helped him find Marble and raise money to assist him and his pup moving forward.