Only minor injuries were reported in connection to the unusual accident
chihuahua drives
Credit: Slidell Police Department

Forget a leash — this dog need’s a driver’s license.

Last Friday, local police in Slidell, Louisiana, shared an admittedly quirky story on Twitter, writing that its department “can’t make this stuff up.”

According to the tweet, a small Chihuahua was left in an SUV while its owner got out of the car at a gas station. When the person was ready to pump gas, the car began to roll steadily backward, directly into a busy four-lane road.

Though it’s a lighthearted scenario in retrospect (only minor injuries were reported), footage of the moment shows the panicked owner running alongside the vehicle, desperate to stop it from crossing traffic.

It’s unknown exactly how the five-pound dog managed to put the car in reverse, but the four-legged driver successfully weaved through oncoming traffic. The car eventually stopped when it encountered a barrier at another gas station across the street.

chihuahua drives
Where the vehicle ended up after crossing the street
| Credit: Slidell Police Department

After the incident, police said there was a mechanical issue present in the SUV that made it so the transmission could change gears without pressing the brake.

“It is a miracle that no one was seriously injured and that no other vehicles were struck during this incident,” the police wrote on Facebook. “Let this be a lesson to everyone to please use caution when leaving pets inside of your vehicle.”

In other dog driver news, a black Labrador retriever in Florida found himself in a similar state of reverse, only his lasted about an hour.

Named Max, the dog accidentally put his owner’s parked car into reverse last Thursday, and spent the next hour in the driver’s seat as the vehicle went in circles, according to a statement released by the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

The dog’s owner had stopped his car and stepped away for a moment, leaving the dog inside the vehicle, police added in their statement. The owner was reportedly locked out of his car when Max accidentally hit the gear stick.

Only a mailbox was damaged in that joy ride. Max and the aforementioned Louisiana Chihuahua are likely looking to put their missteps in their rearview mirrors.