The popular feel-good series offers new editions for pet owners

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 08, 2009 02:19 AM
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Everyone has a pet story to share. From runaway dogs to pups who teach manners at N.Y.C. restaurants, there’s a tale in every tail. The folks behind the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series recognized it, and recently released two pet themed editions: What I Learned from the Cat and What I Learned from the Dog. Featuring moving forwards by pet expert Wendy Diamond, the tomes gathered 101 short stories from every day people who happen to love their animals – just like us!

Each book is broken up into sections about life lessons in love, confidence and friendship. There are funny bits about dogs being mistaken for people, cats absolutely petrified of closed doors, and naturally, the sadder stories about pet loss, too. But what will make readers smile is that no matter how specific the story, as pet lovers, we can all say, “I’ve been there, too.” Though simple, they’re stories you’ll keep coming back to – and maybe even share with your pet!