Friendly Pet Chicken Brings Cheer to Arizona Assisted Living Facility: 'She's so Sweet'

Gracie the chicken regularly visits Good Samaritan Society – Willow Wind Assisted Living in Prescott, Arizona, with her owner, the activities director of the facility

therapy chicken Gracie at nursing home
Photo: Good Samaritan Society

Gracie the chicken has become a feathered friend to the residents of an Arizona assisted living facility.

For three years, the patient bird has been visiting Good Samaritan Society – Willow Wind Assisted Living in Prescott, Arizona, stopping by to sit on laps and gladly accept pets.

"She'll just lay there on your lap. She just keeps looking at you like, 'Keep petting me!' You know how dogs like to pet between their ears? Well, she likes to be pat on the back," Barbara Hebert, a resident at Good Samaritan Society – Willow Wind, said of Gracie.

The friendly fowl managed to get a visitor's pass to the facility thanks to her owner. Gracie belongs to Good Samaritan Society – Willow Wind Assisted Living's Becky Medina, the activities director at the facility. Medina started raising chickens in 2012, and when she got Gracie, she noticed the bird was calmer than most chickens. Gracie doesn't flap her wings much and has a tame, gentle demeanor.

therapy chicken Gracie at nursing home
Good Samaritan Society

After watching numerous people bring in the gregarious dogs to spread smiles among the Willow Wind residents, Medina decided folks would probably enjoy her chicken's company too.

"I consider my residents family. What brings me joy is making them happy, and Gracie brings them so much happiness. Many of the residents grew up on farms, and Gracie evokes so many wonderful memories for them," Medina said.

Gracie was a hit on her first visit and has continued to be a greatly anticipated guest whenever she is scheduled to stop by the facility. Three years into her visits, residents still react to Gracie and her winning personality with disbelief and delight.

"She's so sweet. She makes you feel so calm. She's just adorable. Her feathers are so soft. I love animals, and she's just so sweet," Hebert added of the bird.

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