"Remember those kittens we found at the office? Apparently I've been claimed," Brown said in an Instagram post

By Amy Jamieson
June 02, 2017 11:37 AM
Source: Alton Brown/Instagram

Alton Brown has a new sous chef.

His name is Stir-Fry and he’s the chef’s newly adopted kitten — and Instagram photos show that the kitty is already making himself at home in the star’s kitchen.

“Remember those kittens we found at the office? Apparently I’ve been claimed,” said the caption for one photo, showing the pair posing nose-to-nose.

A name quickly followed after the kitten found a favorite perch in Brown’s kitchen: a frying pan.

“So, due to his love of the wok, I’ve decided to name him ‘Stir-Fry,'” Brown later shared.

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The Iron Chef Gauntlet host’s daughter, Zoey, welcomed the cat to the family with an adorable sketch that shows Stir-Fry using chopsticks and more.

But this feline isn’t strictly a foodie. In another photo, the young kitty stirs up some trouble in a bookcase.

“Stir-Fry hittin’ the books,” said that photo’s caption.