April 11, 2015 01:10 AM

Stop asking yourself “blue and black or white and gold?” The Web’s biggest question right now is, “Up or down?”

An image of a cat posted to photo and video sharing websites 9gag and Imgur has caused a debate across the Internet, reports USA Today.

The optical illusion shows a feline climbing a set of stairs, but what’s hard to decipher is whether the cat is walking up or down the staircase. While it is possible to see both options in the picture, online viewers are developing strong opinions about what the “right” answer.

This is not the first time the image has caused a ruckus. The cat conundrum was posted to the website back in 2012.

Now that the #TheDress debate has died down, get fired up all over again by looking at the image and telling us in the comments below which way you think the kitty is climbing.

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