December 15, 2009 03:37 PM

It all started with a dachshund. Graphic designer Kari Finkler and her husband brought one named Kassi into their lives several years ago, but thought most gifts on the market featuring dachshunds were, well, corny. “Every doxie-lover will tell you that the ‘wiener-dog’ jokes get old quick,” she tells So she decided to create her own prints of the breed. “I wanted something to hang on the wall that showed off her distinctive silhouette,” Finkler says. “Something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to put in the living room.”

From there, she began making prints for friends obsessed with their dogs – every breed from Labradors to Boston terriers – and she “was hooked. I’ve always been amazed by dogs – the variety of shapes and sizes, all the various purposes they were bred for,” she explains. “And as I work on a newdrawing, I’m thinking about why they are the shape they are.”

What started out as a “pet project” has turned into a full-fledged business, ModDog, with more than 40 prints featuring popular breeds (and even cats!) available on “I’d like to do every dog breed in the AKC,” Finkler shares. “And I’m always happy to take requests.”

The works are hand-drawn, digitized images printed on acid-free 100-percent cotton rag paper using non-toxic ink. Available unframed in 8-in. by 10-in. ($20) and 11-in. by 13-in. formats, they come in a rainbow of bright colors. (Framing and personalization are available upon request.)

Not only are ModDog prints adorable, they’re for a cause, too. “We send our work all over the country to help rescue organizations raise money, and that’s my favorite part of what I do,” Finkler says. “There are so many good causes out there.”

To order a print in time for the holidays, visit ModDog’s etsy shop by Dec. 15!

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