Channing Tatum Bonds with Canine Costar in Sneak Peek at the Actor's Directorial Debut 'Dog'

In Dog, Channing Tatum portrays an Army ranger on a road trip with an Army K9 named Lulu; the actor also directed the film with Reid Carolin

Channing Tatum is appearing in a new buddy comedy, and his costar is a cutie.

The actor, 41, is starring in the upcoming Dog in theaters on Feb. 18. In the film, Tatum plays Army Ranger Briggs, who is tasked with driving an Army K9, a Belgian Malinois named Lulu, down the Pacific Coast to a fellow soldier's funeral.

During the road trip, Briggs and Lulu find adventure, break some laws, learn about one another and form a bond that one can only build with a loyal canine.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the film, which Tatum directed with his longtime creative partner Reid Carolin, from a script written by Carolin and their friend Brett Rodriguez.

The sneak peek at Tatum's directorial debut shows Tatum's Briggs at the start of his trip with Lulu, trying to get acquainted with the canine.

"What is your deal?" Tatum's character asks an energetic Lulu before telling the dog, "Maybe we can have some fun."

DOG Channing tatum

Tatum himself is a noted dog lover. Dog's canine character Lulu shares the same name as the actor's late dog, who died in 2018.

"I'll see you again baby girl. But you'll always be with me. Always." Tatum posted on Instagram about pit bull Catahoula mix shortly after the dog's death.

Tatum is now the pat parent to a Dutch shepherd named Rooklin. The Magic Mike star introduced the dog on Instagram in October 2020.

See more of Tatum and his canine costar in Tatum's directorial debut, Dog, in theaters on Feb. 18.

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