March 04, 2012 06:25 AM

Chad Ochocinco needs a change of clothes for church.

“Swear to lil 10 pound bearded baby Jesus, I just got peed on by a real lion” the football star wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning. “I’m not lying either. And y’all wonder why I don’t go out!”

Ochocinco along with fiancée Evelyn Lozada, was in attendance at a Voices for Children charity event in Miami when a caged lion relieved himself, spraying “like a water gun.”

The big cat apparently aimed straight for Ochocinco’s face, according to his fiancée’s Tweets. Lozada was not in the line of fire and managed to stay dry.

Earlier that night, Ochocinco Tweeted that he was going out with his “church clothes on” so that they could head straight to morning church service “from the club.”

Ochocinco seemed to process the shock by posting on Twitter. As fans responded, he wrote, “I can’t believe some of you find such a horrific and emotionally draining accident so funny. I’m disgusted at all of you who laughed.”

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