March 22, 2011 07:00 PM

A recurring issue among Cesar Millan’s clients is how to get pets used to the sound of noisy cleaning machines.

“Sometimes, I’m rehabilitating dogs in the show where dogs are actually aggressive toward cleaning tools,” the Dog Whisperer tells

His ongoing partnership with Swiffer helps Millan educate pet owners about the benefits of having a tidy (and quiet) home, just in time to satisfy those spring cleaning urges.

“A clean environment allows you a great state of mind. A clean environment allows you relaxation or calmness. A clean environment represents confidence of where you are,” he says. “It affects, directly or indirectly, your state of mind.”

And while dogs might not always make maintaining a clean environment easy, the Dog Whisperer says it’s crucial to keep it up.

“When you have a pack of dogs like myself, cleaning is the most important part of the environment,” Millan says. “To me, cleaning is part of being part of a responsible dog owner. Not just for your dog, but for your own well-being.”

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