The celebrity dog trainer whispers to the Facebook founder’s new Puli puppy

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 30, 2011 07:00 PM

You might call Mark Zuckerberg the calm, assertive type – and it looks like he’s trying to train his new puppy Beast to be the same way. Who better to learn that from than the Dog Whisperer?

Earlier this month, the Facebook founder, his girlfriend Priscilla Chan and their little Puli hung out with the dog trainer who helped them “with their little ‘beast,’ ” Millan said on Twitter. “I’m so glad the pack leader of Facebook is so open to knowledge and introducing it to his dog early!”

Pictures uploaded to the dog’s Facebook page yesterday show the 2-month-old running wildly through grass, chewing sticks, and rolling in mud.

“Somewhere on this farm are sheep, and I want to herd them so badly,” one photo caption said. We’re sure that Millan explained to the couple that they should nurture the Hungarian breed’s innate desire to herd livestock – maybe he can start by rounding up staff at Facebook headquarters for meetings?