The Dog Whisperer has been helping the Smith family with their English bulldog

By People Staff
Updated March 09, 2011 10:00 PM

What a difference a few months makes. When we first met an adorably squishy English bulldog puppy named Mr. Rockefeller in October, he had come to our studios with his pal, Cesar Millan. Then, a short while later, we saw him in the arms of the Dog Whisperer’s loyal client, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Since then, Mr. Rockefeller has undergone a name change – he’s now known as Little Homie!

Millan made another visit to last week, and he told us a bit about what the Smith pack’s newest member has been up to lately. “He’s been traveling a lot with the Smiths,” Millan says. “He’s so compact, he’s so little, it’s easier for them to put him in the plane and go to different places.”

One of the places that Little Homie has gotten to see? Behind-the-scenes of Willow Smith’s video shoot for her first mega-single, “Whip My Hair.” We can only guess what kind of dance moves he picked up while he was there!

“Willow and Jaden and Will love this little thing,” Millan says. “He became an asset to the family.”

Check out the rest of our video with Cesar Millan for more on Little Homie and the Smiths.