Central Park Zoo Welcomes Three Baby Lambs!

The trio's arrival boosts the zoo's sheep population 33 percent.

Imagine the chatter that must be going on among the nine adult sheep at New York City’s Central Park Zoo. Three proud mothers gave birth to lambs in recent weeks–all from the same miniature male father – boosting the zoo’s sheep population by 33 percent.

The oldest lamb, Espresso, was born three weeks ago to Mole. Blackish brown with a white patch on her forehead, she’s the most active of the little ones. She’s even taken to standing atop her resting mother’s back – only to get butted around by the other adults.

One of the keepers at the zoo told PEOPLE Pets that all three will stay at the Petting Zoo. The two younger lambs, who aren’t yet named, either cuddle with their moms– Latte and Cocoa – or rest together in a manger-like shelter, which is just a few feet off Fifth Avenue. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by and say “baa baa” to the babies!

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