Photographer David Woo captures stars in all their animal-loving glory

By Helin Jung
Updated November 04, 2009 01:37 PM

Celebrities live in a rarified universe, and stardom has a way of distancing famous folks from the rest of us. But somehow, seeing them with their pets can make them more human.

Award-winning photojournalist David Woo, who owns a Basset hound named Chester, has worked at the Dallas Morning News for the past three decades. Along with his co-author Richard Pruitt, Woo produced Top Dogs and Their Pets, a new book of photographs featuring celebrities like Cesar Millan, Dr. Phil, Owen Wilson and Betty White, along with athletes and politicians, all posing with their beloved dogs, cats, and even horses.

One subject, sports analyst and Super Bowl-winning former football coach Jimmy Johnson, has a surprising pet: a tiny pup named Buttercup. People may call the duo a “strange combination,” but Johnson pays them no mind – instead, he frequently pampers his tiny pal and wishes she could live forever. Don’t we all!

Top Dogs and Their Pets ($24.95) is available for purchase online, and portions of the proceeds will benefit the Cesar & Illusion Millan Foundation.

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