Demi Moore, Emmy Rossum and more stars share pet photos on Twitter

Everyone loves bragging about their pets – and celebs are no exception! Demi Moore, Ashley Tisdale and Emmy Rossum have recently taken to Twitter to gush – in 140 characters or less! – about the furry objects of their affection and share their photos:

Demi Moore (mrskutcher) snapped a shot of husband Ashton Kutcher on the floor with some playful pooches. “Babysitting some pit bull puppies on the set of 5 Killers,” she Tweeted.

Singer Ashley Tisdale (ashleytisdale), who’s been on the road promoting her new album Guilty Pleasure, posted a sweet picture with her cute pup Maui from a Wal-Mart Soundcheck performance.

Check out these backseat drivers! Actress Emmy Rossum (emmyrossum) shared a Twitpic of her adorable pooches and joked, “They look happy NOW, cuz they don’t know they are about to get a B-A-T-H in about… 15 minutes…”

See any fun pet-related Tweets from the celebrities you follow on Twitter? Share them in the comments!


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