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March 29, 2017 03:56 PM

We’re still accepting that the pets of the rich and famous often have better lives than we do.

They’re showered in lavish gifts, travel like royalty and get to hob-knob with all sorts of famous folk. They also probably have more Instagram followers than you.

Celebrities are starting to realize that their furry friends’ identities are too big to squish into a shared Instagram account. The solution? Make an account just for the animal, where fans can pore over photo after photo of said pet enjoying the good life.

So stop just following the stars and start following their pets, too, by checking out the adorable accounts below.

Norman and Bambi Jenner

Famous Parent: Kylie Jenner

Handle: @normieandbambijenner

Instagram Style: Proud new parents that know how to pose, thanks to their social-savvy mom


Cash the Frenchie

Famous Parent: Christina El Moussa

Handle: @cashiethefrenchbulldog

Instagram Style: Innocent, yet confident in his cuteness


Miss Asia Kinney

Famous Parent: Lady Gaga

Handle: @missasiakinney

Instagram Style: Little Monster that knows she deserves the best



Famous Parent: Karl Lagerfeld

Handle: @choupettesdiary

Instagram Style: Jet-set su”purr” model


The Hilton Pets

Famous Parent: Paris Hilton

Handle: @hiltonpets

Instagram Style: An inside look at life inside the Barbie dream house


Gary Fisher

Famous Parent: Formerly Carrie Fisher; now her assistant, Corby McCoin

Handle: @garyfisher

Instagram Style: Carrying on his late mom’s dedication to humor and kindness


Aleister Von Teese

Famous Parent: Dita Von Teese

Handle: @aleistervonteese

Instagram Style: Decadent, mysterious and sassy


Wacha Cohen

Famous Parent: Andy Cohen

Handle: @therealwacha

Instagram Style: Laid-back and waiting for the next snack attack


Lamby Antonoff-Dunham

Famous Parents: Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham

Handle: @Lamby_antonoff

Instagram Style: Photoshop is life!


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