See the Sweetest Dog Dads – and Their Insta-Famous Pups – from PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive Issue

Harry Connick Jr., Nick Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka posed with their pups in this year's Sexiest Man Alive issue

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Nick Jonas and Gino

sexiest man alive 2020 dogs - Nick Jonas and Gino
Doug Inglish

The pop star, 28, posed in the Sexiest Man Alive 2020 issue with his German shepherd Gino, who boasts 324,000 Instagram followers. Jonas received Gino last year as a surprise anniversary gift from his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

"I was very confused, but then she said, 'What do you want to call him?' And I said, 'Gino, the German,'" the singer tells PEOPLE. "And it stuck right away."

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Nick Jonas and Gino

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas/Instagram.

Jonas loves Gino's version of a hug. "He comes right up to me and kind of presses his left side into me," the Jonas Brothers member says. "I think he's trying to hug me and it's just the sweetest thing. It makes you feel all warm inside."

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Nick Jonas and Panda

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas/Instagram

The Grammy nominee also shares Panda (pictured) with his wife of nearly two years and jokes that he "adopted" her pooch Diana. Both dogs also have their own Instagram accounts.

"The pups are all kind of in training right now," Jonas says. "Diana is doing her own thing and she's the oldest, so she can. But Gino, he's been working with the trainer, and we've been working alongside him as well. He is loving getting that structure and routine. And Panda is the wild man. He just kind of does whatever he wants."

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David Burtka, Neil Patrick Harris, Gidget and Spike

sexiest man alive 2020 dogs - neil patrick harris and david burtka with their dogs
David Burtka, Neil Patrick Harris. Michael Schwartz

The How I Met Your Mother star, 47, and his celebrity chef husband, 45, started Instagram accounts for rescue pups Gidget (left) and Spike, who boast a combined 7,000+ followers, at the request of their 10-year-old twins Gideon and Harper. "We do what our children tell us and hope that they start talking about other interests and that can go by the wayside," Harris tells PEOPLE.

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David Burtka, Spike and Gidget

David Burtka
Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

Burtka admits that Gidget "gets a little upset when people leave."

"She holds grudges," he continues. "When Neil left to film The Matrix, she was moping around. She is kind of moody that way, but I think they love the attention."

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Neil Patrick Harris, Harper and Gidget

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

"I'd like to think that having dogs makes you selfless enough that you just love unconditionally," Harris says.

Burtka adds that their daughter Harper has fallen in love with the pooches, too.

"Our daughter has been taking to really feeding them every day — that's her thing," the chef says. "Whenever the dogs roll in goose poop — because there's a lot of geese and turkeys around here [at their Long Island, N.Y. home] — she takes it on to bathe them. She does a lot of chores with them."

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Harry Connick Jr. and Tuka

sexiest man alive 2020 dogs - harry connick jr and tuka
Harry Connick Jr. with Tuka in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive 2020 issue. Victoria Stevens

The entertainer, 53, adopted Tuka after she appeared on his daytime talk show Harry in 2017 with The Sato Project, which rescues dogs from Puerto Rico. A famous friend taught Connick something about rescue pups like mixed breed Tuka, who has more than 16,000 Instagram followers.

"My friend Hilary Swank said, 'Rescue dogs have a different outlook on life. I think they realize that they've been rescued and they are so greatly appreciative,'" Connick shares. "I've never had a rescue dog before so I think that Hilary's right. Tuka's very appreciative, she loves people and she's an amazing dog."

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Harry Connick Jr. and Tuka

Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Connick Jr./Instagram

Connick, his wife Jill Goodacre, and their three daughters also own a miniature Shih Tzu named Lucy and a cat named Billy Finn, who the Grammy winner jokingly calls "Tuka's favorite toy."

"Tuka has made Billy Finn think that Billy Finn is a dog and they go at it," Connick explains.

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Harry Connick Jr. and Tuka

Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Connick Jr./Instagram

"The coolest thing in the world is to have the animals close to home," the jazz musician says. "When I go out on the road, which isn't as much nowadays, but when I do go out and I come back, Tuka seems really, really excited, which always makes me feel good."

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