Though she was fired, the comedienne scored $10,000 for her charity

By Kate Hogan
April 05, 2010 11:45 AM

Writer and comedienne Carol Leifer had the misfortune of being the first star fired from the Celebrity Apprentice this season. But her bad luck quickly turned to good fortune: In the wake of her departure, host Donald Trump donated $10,000 to her charity, the North Shore Animal League of New York.

“He didn’t hesitate,” Leifer tells “Knowing that I was leaving, and remembering that he was a fan of the organization, I asked if he’d consider making a donation, and on the spot he said yes. It’s coming directly out of his pocket.”

A passionate animal activist, Long Island native Leifer was happy to compete for her “hometown” shelter. “I do a lot of fund-raising for all different types of non-profits that have to do with animals,” she explains. “Plus, my partner and I have six rescue dogs, and are into animal adoption.”

Those six lucky pups include four Chihuahuas and two terrier mixes, named Heston, Albert, Julius, Shelby, Macabee and Cagney. “We adopt a lot of the harder-luck cases,” she explains. “They’re all over 7 years old. But they’ve brought so much to our lives.”

Calling herself a “sucker for a soft story,” the former Seinfeld writer says she wouldn’t be surprised if she and partner Lori Wolf adopt a seventh soon. “We have the room, and we have a 4-year-old son who knows nothing but a houseful of dogs. It’s in his DNA now to love animals, and that’s just wonderful.”

Though Leifer’s run on the show was brief, she hopes viewers were able to take away some important messages about pet adoption. “Adopt don’t shop! You can find any dog you’re looking for in your local shelter,” she says. “It’s double the reward: You save their life, and what they give to yours is immeasurable.”

Check out Leifer’s book, When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win – which includes a chapter about pet adoption – in bookstores now.

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