This Dog Looks Just Like Ivanka Trump, Plus More Celebs Who Have Animal Döppelgangers According to the Internet

Looking like a celebrity helps some pets gets adopted, but mostly having an animal twin launches a thousand memes

Politicians. Dramatic actors. Broadcast journalists. Musicians. Entrepreneurs.

None of the above are known for having an especially great sense of humor. Fortunately, Mother Nature — and the Internet — have other ideas.

Is there anything funnier (or sillier) than a famous person embracing his or her animal lookalike? We think not. Check out some of the most delightful celebrity-furball doppëlgangers the World Wide Web has to offer.

1. Ron Perlman Cat

Who could deny the uncanny, extremely catty resemblance of the Hellboy actor and the fine feline above? Besides, fans of the ’80s cult classic TV series Beauty and the Beast have long known he looks quite a bit like a big cat. Exhibit A:

When President Trump first moved into the White House, many animal lovers wondered if the First Family would adopt a First Pet. There’s been no such development yet, although Vice President Pence does own a bunny (“Marlon Bundo”) and now — thanks to the eagle eyes of Twitter user Francesca (@witchpuppy) — the internet has discovered “Ivanka Dog.” Is it the eyes, the snout or the blonde ponytail that so resembles the First Daughter? Perhaps, but there’s also something about this dog’s swan-like neck, delicate chin and urbane expression that conjures the Senior Adviser to POTUS.

2. Laura Dern Dog

The hair. The eyes. That certain je ne sais quoi of this pup’s knowing, yet somewhat inscrutable expression. The similarity is undeniable. She is “Laura Dern Dog.”

Oh, and to make this latest doppelgänger discovery even more delightful, someone also created a “Bark Little Lies” canine cast composite. Thank you, Internet!

3. Putin Pup

We call this one “Putin on Putin.” How do you say “perfect” in Russian?

4. “Kiss” Calf Gene Simmons

ABC News reports that a baby cow named “Genie” has captured hearts across the country with her unique looks. The calf, who was born July 28 at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, bears an uncanny resemblance to Gene Simmons of the iconic rock band Kiss. Heather Taccetta, whose grandmother owns the ranch, works at nearby Cowboy Steakhouse which has declared the calf its new mascot. The likeness has caused such a ruckus online, even Simmons has retweeted and commented on the news.

5. Joe Biden Puppy


When Joe Biden met … Joe Biden? Netizens went nuts for this adorable photo-op of a 4-month-old golden retriever named after the former vice president posing with his namesake. “As soon as I told him his name was Biden, he started kissing the dog, which is like exactly what I expected Biden would do,” Sydney, the pup’s owner, said.

6. Adam Driver Cat

Eagle-eyed (or shall we say cat-eyed?) Time Inc. editor Marci Robin noticed a striking resemblance between this Monmouth County SPCA kitty and Kylo Ren himself, a.k.a. Star Wars actor (or Girls actor, your choice) Adam Driver. Throngs of fans online concurred; “Adam Driver Cat” became a sensation and was adopted soon thereafter.

7. Nicki Minaj Meets Melon Cat (or Limecat)

We believe this image speaks for itself, but should clarify that the infamous cat meme’s fruit-helmet is neither a melon nor a lime, but is (most likely) a pomelo.

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8. John Travolta Dog

Those eyes. That jaw. The ever-amiable grin. This uniquely familiar-faced shelter pup and the Pulp Fiction star share a name, as well as some striking bone structure.

9. Anderson Cooper Cat

Of the stunning white-furred feline, the silver fox himself purred, “It does sort of look like me … I don’t know who you are, or where you’re from, or whether you were heretofore unaware of my steely blue eyes, but you and I have nothing in common. I mean yes, I once peed on the floor, but who hasn’t in Wolf Blitzer’s billiard room?” Oh, Anderson.

10. Samuel L. Jackson Dog

While John Travolta dog opines about Parisian burgers (“They call it a royale with cheese”), Samuel L. Dogson is more likely to let loose a string of righteous, expletive-laced Biblical verses (“There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17…”). All Pulp Fiction references aside, the Reddit community discovered this priceless dog mug back in 2013 and the Internet’s been barking about it ever since.

11. Taylor Lautner Alpaca

Cute and fuzzy, with deep-set brooding eyes and a seductive pout … we’re talking about the alpaca not the Twilight star, duh. You’d have to “twi-hard” to resist this pair of adorable twins.

12. Eliza Dushku Dog

Well, this is a first. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress actually invented this canine comparison herself — and more than 12K fans agreed.

13. David Schwimmer Cat (a.k.a. Ross Geller Cat)

The catty comparison was uncanny. And no, we’re not talking about Schwimmer’s turn as lawyer and celebrity patriarch Robert Kardashian. It started with one simple tweet, but snowballed into a full-on feline celebration of the beloved/beleaguered Friends character.

14. Patrick Stewart Dog

Just when we thought these celebrity doppëlgangers couldn’t get any more adorable, along came this tweet about the pup version of Sir Patrick Stewart. Coincidentally, the iconic actor had recently become a foster parent to a homeless pit bull. Good sport that he is, even Stewart agreed the likeness was spot-on.

15. Nick Offerman Cats a.k.a. Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

Skip ahead to 1:43 in this Conan interview, where The Parks and Recreation actor admits that all the feline twin attention is “flattering.” Honestly, who wouldn’t want an entire fan-made Tumblr devoted to kitty lookalikes?

16. Steve Buscemi Dog

As it turns out, Ari isn’t the only dog who looks like Steve Buscemi, but she is arguably the most famous. This mutt’s mug launched a thousand articles, and we’re happy to report the once-homeless pup not only achieved fame with her unique face, but also a forever home.

17. Harrison Ford Dog

The origins of this scruffy cutie (we mean the dog, not Han Solo) are a bit sketchy, but his Internet stardom seems to have traveled from Buzzfeed to Twitter and Imgur instead of the other way around. Hmmm. This case may need a little Indiana Jones-style detective work.

18. Richard Branson Dog

You can thank Reddit for not only pointing out the similarity between the Virgin entrepreneur and this fantastic fido, but the beloved fantasy “luck dragon” from The NeverEnding Story as well!

19. William H. Macy Pup

Once again, the front page of Reddit is on the celeb dog twins beat! We really can’t argue with ’em, this fido could definitely be straight out of Fargo.

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