Celebrities with Rescue Pets

Stars who are proud pet parents to rescue dogs

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Dan Levy

Dan Levy Instagram
Dan Levy Instagram

In an Instagram caption, the Schitt's Creek star made a compelling case for rescuing rather than buying a pet:

"I adopted Redmond when he was four years old. He had been mistreated and abandoned at an adoption fair in Los Angeles. Finding him was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. If you are looking for a pet, first make sure you've thought it through and that you have the means to care for them properly, THEN please please please consider adopting. There are so many animals just waiting for a better life. #cleartheshelters"

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Justin Theroux

Rarely a day goes by that Theroux doesn't post a pic with his beloved rescue, Kuma. And she's his favorite part of every morning, too.

"It's gonna sound slightly odd, but honestly, waking up with her," the actor told PEOPLE when asked about his favorite pastime with Kuma.

"It's my favorite thing, cause she'll lay there like this," he said, imitating the pooch laying in bed. "She fully puts her head off the pillows, I mean she sleeps like people. And it's really nice to wake up in the morning and have her right there with you."

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

The singer is head-over-heels for her new pup Angel, a pitbull she adopted after losing her beloved pitbull Mary Jane a few months earlier.

"It breaks my heart to know Angel was sleeping on concrete in a shelter for three months before finally making it home," she said. "The stigma and stereotype that surrounds pit bulls tears me in two. This breed is incomparably loving. Just like humans nurture often overrides nature."

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Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm adopts Splash
Jon Hamm. I Stand With My Pack/Instagram

Nonprofit organization I Stand With My Pack revealed that the actor had just adopted Splash, a puppy returned twice to the shelter already. "He lives a fairy tale life now," they said of the dog.

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Camila Alves

Camila Alves McConaughey
Camila Alves McConaughey/Instagram

The model and wife to Matthew McConaughey couldn't say no to those puppy-dog eyes, bringing home her new pooch just days after rescuing a white pup.

"If you thought...what was I thinking with a 4 month old puppy...well how about with another one that's 2 months old!! 🐶❤️❤️ Yep, got work cut out for me in the next months! 3 kids, 2 older dogs , 2 pups, 1 cat and my mother in law😉😂 Again, THANK YOU @humanesociety for helping this little guy find his home!! I mean... come on...found on the streets and with this little face he had to come home!" the mom of three shared on Instagram.

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Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes with pet
Camila Mendes/Instagram

This fuzzball found her fur-ever home with the Riverdale star in the early days of quarantine.

She shared a pic of her "cuddly lil quarantine companion" named Truffle, adopted from The Labelle Foundation in Los Angeles.

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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill/instagram

The actor brought home Fig from L.A.'s Leo Love Rescue, and was so happy to make her part of the family. "Thank you so much @loveleorescue you gave me a massive gift and I appreciate you and the work you and your foster parent volunteers do," he wrote on Instagram.

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Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler
Kyle Chandler/Instagram

Chandler and his wife, Kathryn, had been hoping to foster from Austin Pets Alive! when they fell in love with this cutie and adopted him instead. Can you blame them?

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Zac Efron

https://www.instagram.com/p/BhK98skn34x/?hl=enZac Efron/Instagram
Zac Efron/Instagram

The Greatest Showman star adopted MACA shortly before she was due to be euthanized.

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Amanda Seyfried


Seyfried's loyal dog Finn is never far from his famous mom's side. The actress rescued her furry friend from Best Friends Animal Society. She and Finn often appear together at animal adoption events.

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Liev Schreiber

"Isle Of Dogs" Special Screening
Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Schreiber rescued two canine Hurricane Harvey survivors after meeting the pups during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan. One of the dogs, Woody, hit the red carpet with the actor to help promote his new movie Isle of Dogs. Unfortunately, Schreiber lost Woody to a car accident in 2020, but he adopted another pup in quarantine.

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Nina Dobrev

Mrs. Maverick/Instagram; Inset: David Livingston/Getty

The Vampire Diaries actress became smitten with her pup Maverick the moment she met the baby dog at The Pet Care Foundation.

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Chris Evans

F:PHOTOMediaFactory ActionsRequests DropBox47345#twitterC4p9t5sVcAAc28o.jpg
Source: Chris Evans Twitter

This Avenger has a weakness for adorable animals. While filming his movie Gifted, Evans had to shoot a scene inside an animal shelter. He "foolishly" thought he wouldn't fall for one of the furballs, and then he saw Dodger. The rest is history.

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Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos/Instagram

Menounos has been a dedicated dog mom for years, including to rescue dog Maximus.

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Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump Instagram; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star adores adoptable animals so much, she has a rescue of her own. A hazard of this job is that you often fall in love with the animals you are caring for. Enter Binky! Vanderpump adopted this adorable new addition from her own rescue.

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Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy/Instagram

Team USA Alpine skier Kenworthy left the 2018 Winter Olympics with something cuter than a gold medal. Kenworthy and his boyfriend rescued a puppy from a Korean dog meat farm with help from Humane Society International.

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde/Instagram

Wilde and her then-partner Jason Sudeikis adopted Elvis from a shelter in July 2017. As you can see, the pup was instantly a hit with the whole family.

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Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler/Instagram

Butler fell in love with his furry friend on set. The actor said that he spotted his new dog as a stray while filming a movie in Bulgaria, and knew he had to bring the canine home.

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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler/Instagram

After the heartbreaking loss of her dog Chunk, Handler adopted two rescue Chows, the same breed as her late dog.

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Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff/Instagram

Duff adopted a sweet senior dog to join the puppy she adopted the year before.

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