Help celebrate the birthday of all the shelter animals looking for a home

By Kelli Bender
August 01, 2015 03:45 PM

Don’t get jealous, but PEOPLE staffers had the fluffiest day ever, and all for a good cause.

North Shore Animal League America and Bounty stopped by our offices this week to tell us about our new favorite holiday: DOGust 1st.

The start of August is dedicated to all of the shelter dogs across the country looking for a home and a birthday.

“North Shore Animal League decided to make a day which can be a universal birthday for all shelter dogs and puppies so we have this one day where we can celebrate them. We really don’t know what their birthday is,” explained NSALA director Christina Travalja, who often encounters adoptive families asking about their new pups’ birthdays.

Now, every pooch searching for a family has a birthday too, and PEOPLE was happy to help adoptable puppies Bear, Shelly and Dolly celebrate their big day a little early.

Obviously, a forever home is the best gift a shelter canine can receive on DOGust 1st, and NSALA has hundreds of animals waiting to become loving pets and looking to give up their shelter spots to other animals in need of rescuing.

“You know I always tell everybody that when they rescue a dog from North Shore Animal League of America they’re not saving one life they’re actually saving two, because once they adopt that animal, it opens up a space for another animal to be rescued, so it’s really important to remember,” Travalja told PEOPLE.

DOGust 1st is also a great way to celebrate the pups that you already have at home. Crystal VanTassel-Lopez of was on hand to keep Bear and co. content during their time at PEOPLE with doggy-safe Pup Cakes that are easy for animal lovers to make at home.

“They’re made out of everyday ingredients that you have in your pantry. It’s peanut butter and flour, a little bit of honey, shredded carrot and a few other things. So, it’s pretty healthy and you can eat them as well,” she shared.

So now that you know Aug. 1 is a day worth celebrating, treat the dog in your life to something sweet or help a pup in need by visiting NSALA.