The Voice judge and his fluffy sidekick pose for the magazine's 100 Most Creative issue

Purrfect the cat has a regular gig on national television (as Cee Lo Green’s sidekick on The Voice), has a Twitter following that’s 65,000-strong, so it was only a matter of time before the snow-white Persian landed the cover of a major magazine.

Et voilà. Here she is on Fast Company, perched on the shoulder of Cee Lo, who has been heralded as one of the most creative people in entertainment today.

The feature on Cee Lo would be remiss without a few mentions of the kitty cat, and here’s what we find out about her:

1. She doesn’t belong to Cee Lo, but don’t get confused. “The cat is not a rental,” he says. “The cat is a professional.”

2. She has an entourage! Well, she has two trainers.

3. She may or may not be female, and we’ll never hear it from Cee Lo, because “A gentleman don’t tell.”

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