Twitter Has a New Favorite Documentary, and It Stars a Fluffy Orange Cat Named Oh La La

Catwalk is an inside look at the adorably odd world of Canadian cat shows

Sure, the women of the Real Housewives franchises know how to flip a table, but that’s not a true catfight.

A true catfight is dozens of perfectly primped felines battling for the title of Canada’s top cat by schlepping to different curling clubs across the cold country to be fawned over by a rotating cast of judges in cardigans.

This is also the subject matter of Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit, a Markham Street Films documentary that is now streaming on Netflix and has recently been discovered by the people of Twitter.

Twitter has found there is much to love about this endearing look at cat owners who sacrifice their weekends to travel to shows with their felines — whom they have spent the rest of their week grooming and training — and the other humans that fill that world.

But it is the cats who truly shine in this film, particularly, one cat: the large, voluminous, eccentric beauty that is Oh La La the red Persian. Much like Oh La La’s competitors and judges, Twitter is wowed by this feline and her goosebump-inducing mystique.

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Twitter has spoken, and Oh La La is the “chonkenfloof” we need to guide us through the cold, dark times of winter.

To learn more about this kitty’s meteoric rise through the Canadian show cat world — and the sweetly bizarre world itself — check out Catwalk on Netflix and see what all the fluff is about.

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