January 21, 2016 06:01 PM

In 2015 the world was hit hard with a cat controversy.

Kitty owners around the globe discovered their pets were terrified of cucumbers. Instead of seeking consoling for their cats, many of these animal lovers made videos of said veggie fear. The clips usually features a feline happily chomping away at some food, while a cucumber is stealthily placed behind them. The chowing cat then turns around and BAM, jumps in fright at the sight of the green, serpentine menace. 

This wave of videos ebbed when professionals started to weigh in. Turns out cats aren’t scared of cucumbers specifically, they are more terrified of suddenly being threatened by any large object placed behind their backs. Veterinarians have since advised cat owners not to try this cucumber experiment, because it can lead to injuries for your cat and cause an overall lack of trust. 

So, when I saw another cat and cucumber video online, I was worried. But this cat and cuck owner did it the right way, giving his feline a chance to approach the vegetable at his own speed. And it turns out, when cats and cucumbers are given time to get to know each other, they get along quite well. 

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