Cat Lovers, Rejoice! Cool New Table Created to Be a Co-working Space for You and Your Feline

The handsome table is carved from one piece of wood and is full of exciting tunnels and hideouts for your feline

Cat owners can sympathize with the struggle that is trying to get important things done in the same space as a cat.

Almost all kitties seem to revel in the chance to paw at your pencils, sit on your keyboard and generally keep you from working, by any means necessary.

Ruan Hao of Hong Kong’s LYCS architecture firm created the CATable as a possible answer to this problem.

“It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats,” LYCS writes of the handsome wood table.

Unlike the cat-proof Christmas tree missing a bottom half, this invention was designed to encourage interaction from your cat. Lycs Architecture
Lycs Architecture

The table, carved from one piece of wood, is entirely flat on top aside from one cat-sized hole that leads to small network of tunnels, hideouts and caves carved into the side of the table. With these additions you and your feline can work together. Lycs Architecture
Lycs Architecture

While your type or write out work on the table’s top, your cat can be busy exploring the piece of furniture without getting in your way. Lycs Architecture
Lycs Architecture

LYCS recently created a 2.0 version of the CATable, as well. This version consists of stackable blocks which can be built up to be aesthetically pleasing shelving for you, and an “ant farm” of sorts for your cat.

To learn more about these kitty creations and when they might be available for purchase, visit LYCS’ website.

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